Services Offered

Research Agenda


We can design, package and conduct various research capability building seminars for the HAU community and external parties. Aside from the following seminar-workshops, let us know of your requirements and we will design with you training module/s to fit your needs.

Seminar-Workshop in Data Analysis

Recognizing the importance of statistics in academic research, the Institutional Planning, Research and Publications Office has designed a capability building seminar-workshop in data analysis for faculty and personnel. The seminar-workshop focuses on fundamental statistical methods that are useful in conducting research. It emphasizes statistical reasoning, answering research questions, and presentation and interpretation of results. The goal is to enable participants to understand and apply statistical concepts in a meaningful way. Computations are computer aided.

Seminar-Workshop in Research Methods

As part of its mandate to propel the research capability of the faculty and personnel, we can provide general or targeted trainings in Research Methods to allow participants to learn, understand and apply principles, techniques, technologies and procedures for conducting their researches. This is a modular seminar workshop series that includes questionnaire design and validation, sampling, data collection, and data analysis and interpretation.

Research Administration & Management

The IPRPO is the University's designated administrator and manager for its research-related activities that include conceptualizing, coordinating and implementing institutional researches and managing the research undertakings of the availees of the University Research Incentive Program.

We can leverage upon the institutional research resources to offer these services to outside parties - both local and international -- via research collaboration or research contracting.


We can provide consultancy services to individuals, companies, and other organizations – both within and outside the University’s community – who need assistance in the areas of research capability building, implementation, dissemination, and/or utilization in a broad spectrum of disciplines.

Research Computing

Research computing services offered

The following are the data analytic methods offered:

  • Frequency and Percentage Distribution
  • Cross tabulation
  • Descriptive Statistics
  • Graphs and Plots
  • Correlation Test
  • Regession Analysis
    • Simple Regression
    • Multiple Regression
    • Logistic Regression
  • Compare Means
    • One Sample t/z test
    • Independent Samples t/z test
    • Paired-samples t/z test
    • One -way Analysis of Variance
  • Factorial ANOVA
  • Multivariate Analysis of Variance
  • Analysis of Covariance
  • Multiple Discriminant Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Canonical Correlation Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Scale Reliability test
  • Non Parametric Tests
  • Structural Equation Modeling

Licensed statistical software available:

  • SPSS v. 20
  • AMOS v. 20
  • STATA/SE v. 11
  • EViews v. 7

PlagScan Review and Fees

Level Fee for First 100 words Fee for every 200 words in excess, or a fraction thereof
College students (25% discount) Php 15.00 Php 3.00/200 words
Masteral students (Base rate) Php 20.00 Php 4.00/200 words
Doctoral students (25% premium) Php 25.00 Php 5.00/200 words
Non-HAU community (50% premium) Php 30.00 Php 6.00/200 words

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