Researches at HAU

Research Incentive Program

Our Research Incentive Program is the University's response to the growing need to provide evidence of successful research by the faculty and academic support personnel. We have recently expanded this program to encourage non-teaching personnel of the various units to undertake researches that will redound to the benefit of the HAU community and its stakeholders.

If you wish to avail of the Research Incentive Program, be guided by the following procedures:

  1. Consult your College Research Coordinator (for faculty) or the University Research Coordinator (for academic support staff and non-teaching personnel) to assist you in conceptualizing your research problem and objectives of the study; and to orient you on methods, format as well as other requirements that need to be accomplished.
  2. Submit the research application form, budgetary requirements and research timetable to your College Research Coordinator/University Coordinator for evaluation using the downloadable form provided in the link below.
  3. Coordinate with your College Research Coordinator/University Coordinator on his/her endorsement of all the documents you submitted to the College Dean/Director of IPRPO for their recommendation of incentive.
  4. The duly constituted University Research Council (URC) shall convene for the evaluation of the research. The URC will recommend the research load credit/cash incentive to be granted to the researcher/s which shall depend on the complexity of the data gathering procedure of the research undertaking. Deloading may be disapproved if the expertise of the faculty is needed for the particular semester where the deloading shall take effect.
  5. The URC's recommendation for the research incentive shall be submitted for the approval by the University President.
  6. Execute a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to formalize the Research Incentive Grant and provide the Community Tax Certificate and a photocopy of your HAU ID for notarization purposes.
  7. The Institutional Planning, Research and Publications Office (IPRPO) shall forward all documents on the Research Incentive Grant to the concerned offices for the processing of your incentive. Cash incentives may only be drawn upon acceptance of the final submission of the research output.
  8. Submit a monthly written progress report to the College Research Coordinator/University Coordinator to allow proper monitoring of the conduct of the research undertaking.
  9. Should you be unable to complete the research in the specified time, you may request for an extension up to a maximum of one semester for faculty researchers or five (5) months for academic support and non-teaching staff and administrators.
  10. Submit your completed research output in the prescribed format to the College Research Coordinator/University Coordinator for their endorsement to the Director of IPRPO.
  11. The completed researches shall be presented in a research colloquium organized by the IPRPO.
  12. Revise your submission to address the valid issues and concerns raised during your colloquium presentation and endorsed for your resolution by the Director - IPRPO and submit your duly receipted and/or properly documented expenses incurred as allowed under the Research Incentive Grant.

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