Researches at HAU

Research Colloquium

The Research Colloquium is the University's official forum to present researches completed by the faculty, administrators and personnel under the University Research Incentive Program. The exercise is a requirement specifically outlined in the memoranda of agreement between the University and the faculty and staff researchers.

In particular the colloquium aims to realize the following objectives:

  1. To provide researchers an opportunity to share with the academic community significant information and findings relative to their studies.
  2. To provide researchers a venue to solicit helpful comments from experts in their field or discipline, with the end in view of improving their research outputs.
  3. To allow researchers to gain "home court experience" in presenting their research outputs, preparatory to their joining external research conferences and competitive research events.
  4. To build the critiquing capability of the University's faculty, administrators and personnel who were tapped as reactors.
  5. To encourage and/or inspire other faculty members, administrators, and non-teaching personnel to undertake their own researches.
  6. To contribute critiqued research outputs towards building up the University's research reservoir.
  7. To build a pool of research outputs that is publishable in hard copy and/or electronic form.

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