It was in school year 1985-1986 when the University President, Sr. Josefina G. Nepomuceno, OSB (now the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Trustees) formally launched the creation of the research office as the Center of Research, Measurement and Evaluation (CRME) to conform to the University's thrust towards research.

After several years, the Center, aside from its academic support function, became more institutionalized. Planning services were integrated- thus, the birth of the University Research and Planning Office (URPO). However, in school year 2009-2010 when publication services were incorporated in the office, it was renamed as the Institutional Planning, Research and Publications Office (IPRPO). Its primary goal is to embark on an aggressive institutional research program by motivating both teaching and non-teaching personnel of the University to do university-commissioned and/or externally-linked researches.

On the 15th day of June 2012, a new office was created to give research-related services to the academic team - the Academic Research Office (ARO). The office spearheads the production of safe, ethically-sound, and highly competent researches conducted by the faculty members of this University. Moreover, it offers a variety of services that will help faculty members from conceptualization of research ideas to dissemination of research findings.