To embark on an aggressive faculty research program, the ARO:

  1. Develops a research culture in the University such that research becomes a way of life among faculty members;

  2. Conceptualizes and implements training programs aimed at upgrading the research competence of the academic community;

  3. Encourages, inspires, and assists faculty members in the production of scholarly University-commissioned research outputs that are aligned with the research agenda, and collaborative research outputs undertaken in partnership with or under a grant from external parties such as governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, private businesses, professional groups, research and development entities, and the like;

  4. Organizes fora, such as colloquia and conferences, for the presentation, discussion and critiquing of faculty researches;

  5. Encourages and assists faculty researchers in the publication of their research outputs in refereed local and/or international journals;

  6. Proposes programs directed at the utilization of the University's research outputs by identified stakeholders on one hand, and the protection of the University's intellectual property rights on the other hand; and

  7. Explores, establishes, and maintains external research linkages by establishing research networking/collaboration with national and international academic institutions, government and other funding agencies.