Researches at HAU

Call for Proposals

As a higher educational institution, Holy Angel University is mandated to upgrade the quality of instruction, encourage 9 involvement in community service and participate in research activities.

In further response to Republic Act No. 7722, otherwise known as the Higher Education Act of 1994, Holy Angel University must undertake researches to improve higher education. Research is the means through which new knowledge is created and new information is developed. This can easily be achieved through the support of the school and active participation of faculty in research undertakings since (1) universities/colleges are the major sources of knowledge and innovation, (2) the reputation of a professor is established through the quality of his research work and his extensive contribution to the body of knowledge in his discipline, and (3) the leadership role of the academe is based on the premise that research generally precedes development initiatives.

Program Objectives

Through the HAU-FRP, the University aims to develop its faculty members? research capabilities that upholds safe and ethically-sound research environment, with high level competency, for personal, professional, and instructional advancement.

Eligibility of Faculty

  1. The program is open to all permanent faculty members of Holy Angel University.
  2. Faculty members under probationary status may also be entitled to join the program, provided that the dean or department chair recommends the research for acceptance. However, the research duration should not exceed their employment period.
  3. Fixed-term faculty members, as well as professional guest lecturers, may also qualify to join the program only upon the recommendation of the dean or department chair, and that the duration of the research should not exceed their employment period.

How to Apply?

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