Access Point

Access Point History

In line with sustaining the needs of Holy Angel University for the growth of its IT students, the College of Information and Communications Technology (CICT) was formed in October 2005 under the deanship of Mr. Joseph Esquivel. Courses such as Associate in Computer Technology and Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) then were transferred to handle by the ICT College. Likewise, spearheaded by the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) headed by Dean Francisco Adviento who coordinated with Mr. Esquivel for the betterment of the newly formed college, both the College Student Council and College Official Publication were established in 2006, thus gaining CICT’s full independence.

The NEXUS as the official paper of the CAS administered the Editorial Examination which resulted to only two (2) IT students who successfully passed the exam - an arisen dilemma which became the main reason why the college failed to produce any issue immediately. Moreover, even before the year 2007, there are only five (5) writers of the publication of the CICT who took the initiative to look for writers via posted announcement and administered Reportorial Examination for potential students.

Finally, more than ten (10) writers, editors and other staffers helped together and did their best in producing the first ever issue which was released on March 05, 2007. Before the said release of the newspaper, the finalization for its official name was done by means of a selection process through voting. During that time, proposed names were GIGAhertz, Gateway, Access Point and digITal - all of which got from IT related terms but the second to the last one bagged the most number of votes from the writers. Access Point as described is a point which in fact synonymous with gateway (more on networking) whereby access to any connection could be obtained and more technically, access points act as a central transmitter and receiver of WLAN radio signals. Similarly as a newspaper, The Access Point is where any IT student of Holy Angel University could get reliable news and other information pertaining to the College of Information and Communications Technology.

The following are the student writers of the first Editorial Board to manage The Access Point during that time: Adrian Lee Magcalas (Editor-in-chief), Harold Garcia (Associate Editor), Angus Miranda (Managing Editor), Camachille Imbag (News Editor), Gerald Aguilar (News Editor), Jacky Dimaunahan (Feature Editor), Frances Velasquez (Staff writer), Liann Pineda (Staff writer), Erika Louise Pine (Staff writer), Jennifer Maglaque (Staff writer), Cristina Ramoso (Cartoonist), Lon Relorcaza (Cartoonist) and Joseph Lao Peterson (Photo Journalist).

Today, the Access Point has continually evolved into a magazine wherein layouts where altered to create a more effective way for the students to read it page by page. Various activities were put into motion- team building and the training for new Layout Artists.

We aim to be the first Premiere I.T. magazine of the Holy Angel University. And to fulfill our vision, the Access Point will continue to provide quality I.T.-related articles to contribute to the knowledge of the students as well as show them what the real I.T. world is beyond what they see and what they know.

The Access Point Mission and Vision


To provide continued student satisfaction by maintaining value driven and positive work attitude staff members, and to produce quality magazine containing reliable information. We aim to give the students what they want, and what they need to know through various IT-related articles and news.


The Access Point magazine is the vibrant CICT college’s provocative tech trend and I.T. lifestyle glossy. It seeks to capture the energy of the enlarged I.T. world through edgy tech article spreads, interviews of successful alumni, and inspiring epitomes known in the tech world.

We see The Access Point as the Premiere I.T. magazine of Holy Angel University providing new insights, fresh news, and latest tech buzz in the coming years. This is solely dedicated to contribute to the awareness and knowledge of fellow I.T. students.

The Access Point Editorial Board (CICT Student Publication) 2018 – 2019

Editor - in - Chief :Renee Gonzales
Senior Associate Editor :Ellexiah Castro
Junior Associate Editor:Isabella Manalili
Features Editor:Emmanuelle Jireh Javier
News Editor:Poline Balatbat
Managing Editor:RMarixz Zablan
Layout Artist:Jannie Batiller
 :Czarina Ramos
Staff:Calvin Cruz
Faculty Adviser: Mr. Paul Albert S. Calimoso