• Vision, Mission, Goals and Objectives


A center of excellence in the criminal justice education and forensics producing top caliber professionals who are globally competitive and are equipped with well-founded knowledge in the field of law enforcement, criminal justice and forensics.


To nurture its students with the comprehensive and updated knowledge, develop their skills and high competences, in the field of law enforcement criminal justice and forensics science.


To enhance students' engagement through dynamic and high-quality instruction for students to stay in the course and graduate on time.


  1. To hire academically and professionally qualified faculty who are values oriented, proficient to deliver quality instruction both in-campus and off-campus settings;
  2. To recruit guest lecturers who are highly qualified experts in the field of criminalistics and jurisprudence;
  3. Continuously acquire state of the art laboratory and equipment;
  4. Establish linkages and partnership with key local national or international government and non-government institution, law enforcement agencies for the on-the-job training and immersion programs;
  5. Engage both faculty and students in extensive research and extension activity in pursuit of new knowledge and development initiative in law enforcement criminal justice and forensics science;
  6. Register a consistent significance board examination performance that will be included among the top performing school in the country.