VMGO (Graduate level)


A premiere graduate business education in the Asia-Pacific Region dedicated to helping professional, entrepreneurs and public servants become competent and socially responsible leaders and to contribute to countryside development.


To provide advanced and high quality business education in the field of management, accountancy, entrepreneurship, public governance and hospitality to professionals and leaders through a wide range of relevant, educational experience.


To provide our sincerest service to our graduate students as we are committed to the shared ideals of integrity, excellence, community service and societal responsibility.


  1. To offer programs that are more relevant and responsive to the shifting needs of the real world.
  2. To promote practitioner-research oriented that will allow us to participate in the furtherance of knowledge and elevate our GSB programs to higher level of excellence.
  3. To forge and maintain strategic functional linkages and/or partnership with academic institutions, relevant organizations, national government agencies and local government units for knowledge transfer, sharing of resources and advocacy training for public service.
  4. To act as reputable workplace preferred by faculty members who are experts in their corresponding fields and proficient in interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches in teaching.
  5. To foster culture that promotes integrity, innovation, and the highest ethical standards in the Catholic context.

  6. VMGO for Undergraduate level