Mission and Officers

College of Business and Accountancy & College of Hospitality Management Student Council is the premier student body of CBA & CHM. Inspired by our founders, the College Student Council supports the University in creating a quality educational experience and environment that promote Christ centered values, professional competence, leadership and social responsibility. The College Student Council endeavors to serve students for God and Country who will lead in building a progressive Filipino nation.

We commit ourselves to strengthen virtues and leadership among our fellow students with adherence to the policies of the university and stewardship in protecting them. The College Student Council should promote the physical, intellectual, socio-cultural and spiritual well-being of the students, through relevant and sustainable programs which address their universal needs competence of the college by unleashing their potentials. We shall keep the students well informed at all times and their rights as a student will always be protected.
The College Student Council shall engage the student body in an atmosphere that enhances their diverse knowledge and values like a true Kapampangan. The Student Council shall cultivate the students' sense of nationalism to fabricate a committed and receptive citizenry, an individual for God and Country.
CSC OFFICERS S.Y. 2016-2017

Chairman: Pamintuan, Tom Harvey
Vice-Chairman: Torres, Leo Domingo
  1. Cordero, Patrisha Nahveline J.
  2. Tungul, Niana Nicolle E.
  3. Vasquez, Nina Nicoli C.
  4. Santos, Zerena M.
  5. Quema, Maria Charlotte R.
  6. Chu, Rocelle Ann B.
  7. Aguas, Levi D.
  8. David, Sheila Mae S.
  9. Blay, Jan Aldwin P.
  10. Carreon, John Mark M.
local:  1346
Office located at STL 3rd FLoor Near Case room 2