The Nexus

Mission To become an excellent Student Publication, truly representative of the College of Arts, Sciences & Education, by delivering accurate, fair and informative content that would serve as a catalyst for social awareness and progress all within the framework of the University’s policies and the Campus Journalism Act of 1991.

Vision The Nexus is a link that connects the students to the college, the university, the nation and the world. We envision ourselves as a premier source of information that relates local, national and global events to the lives and betterment of the CASEd students. We instill in them critical thinking, social responsiveness and awareness that overall benefit their identities as students and as Filipinos.

Description The Nexus is one of the pioneer student publications of Holy Angel University. Established on 1967, The Nexus has catered to the needs of the students of Arts, Sciences and the recently merged Department of Education. With its diversity in population coming from the various courses of the college, The Nexus employs a combination of English, Filipino and Kapampangan in its articles in its effort to promote the importance of these three languages. The Nexus prides itself as a premier venue for independent and critical thinking that promotes social awareness and participation through proper information and education.

Goals In its goal to promote not only local, but also national and global awareness. The Nexus is not limited to events within the College and University but provides commentary on a wider variety of issues that directly or indirectly affect the lives of its readers. This is to ensure that the students of CASEd do not remain ignorant and apathetic but are instead encouraged to be actively involved in the development of the world around them.

The Nexus promotes the critical and independent thinking of its writers by providing a free venue for student commentaries on relevant issues and concerns. The Nexus prides itself on the content of its Opinion section that is truly reflective of the sentiments of the CASEd student population.

The Nexus also promotes the Kapampangan culture by allocating the Dayang Abias section to exhibit the literary works of CASEds Kapampangan writers. Kapampangan essays, short stories, poems and other literary works are exhibited in this section encouraging the use of appreciation of the Amanung Sisuan.

The Nexus Editorial Board (SAS & SEd's Student Publication) 2016 - 2017

Editor - in - Chief:Mardy Gil Cayanan
Associate Editor:Lance Romulus Dayrit
Managing Editors:Tamera Joy Christi Sibal
Jhuniella Aira Salalac
News Editor:Rizza Katrina Paler
Features Editor:Erica Rose Vitug
Literary Editor:Reginald Tolentino
Senior Editors:Ryan Nico Bergonio
John Paul Buduan