Mission and Objectives


A premiere college that serves as an avenue for developing students' learning competencies within and across the many disciplines of human inquiry, particularly in mass media and psychology, attaining excellence in instruction, research and community development.


To produce professionally competent, morally upright, socially responsive and spiritually mature persons through holistic and transformative liberal education


The School of Arts and Sciences will be known for its graduates who are critical thinkers, effective communicators, innovators, industry leaders, witnesses of Catholic faith, instruments for social transformation and stewards of Kapampangan heritage.


The School of Arts and Sciences aims to provide a solid foundation where it seeks to:

  1. Train students to think critically and communicate effectively
  2. Inculcate in the students the desire to live the values of the Catholic faith
  3. Develop both excellence and leadership in psychology and media professions
  4. Deepen the students' application of theoretical and professional knowledge as effective tools in promoting and life-long learning and one's sense of social responsibility and love of country
  5. Promote and preserve Kapampangan heritage