College Of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences, originally the College of Liberal Arts was founded in 1948. It conferred its first Bachelor of Arts degree upon graduates in 1952. The College started with two four - year courses leading to the degree of Bachelor of Arts major in English and Political Science.

The College of Arts and Sciences provides the student with a liberal education background in the humanities and social sciences. It offers three fields of specialization with the academic fields of study he pursues. The sense of national identity and Christian orientation which the College instills is the essence of HAU education. Among its specific objectives are:

  1. To provide the student with a solid foundation in the sciences, literature and the arts before he; proceeds to his chosen field of specialization.
  2. To bring into unity the student's discrete areas of knowledge, thus bringing him to a more; reflective understanding of himself, the complex world around him; and his relationship with it.
  3. To imbue him with a sense of social responsibility.

Degree Programs:


College Of Education

The College of Education, originally the Junior Normal College, was founded in 1948. The College started with two courses, namely the Elementary Teachers' Certificate, and the degree leading to Bachelor of Science in Education. At present, the College offers two four - year courses leading to the degrees, Bachelor of Elementary Education and Bachelor of Secondary Education with major fields of concentration in:

  • English
  • Filipino
  • Biological Science
  • Physical Science
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • PEHM
  • Library and Information Science
  • General Education
  • Special Education
  • Pre - Elementary Education

The College of Education aims to facilitate the development of Christian teachers who are committed to the development of students into educable, creative, cultured, morally upright and productive individuals.

At the end of a four - year degree course in Elementary / Secondary Education, the prospective teachers should be equipped with:

  1. The needed cultural and academic background that will help them understand and appreciate the role of education and of teachers in human development and social progress;
  2. The knowledge, skills, attitudes, values, experiences, traits, and competencies necessary for efficient and effective teaching and;
  3. The value of social responsibility called for in the teaching profession.

College Of Arts, Sciences and Education

Virtually, the College of Education and the College of Arts & Sciences were merged into one (1) college in June of School Year 2008 - 2009. It was named College of Arts, Sciences and Education (CASED). The rationale behind the merging focused on two (2) major considerations. First, there was a great need to do facilities sharing between the two (2) colleges to further equip the students with the use of state - of - the - art audio visual equipment and materials. Second, the College of Arts & Sciences has a rich pool of faculty needed in the College of Education; thus there was opportunity for the College of Education to strengthen its faculty and make the college viable.