Mission and Officers

College Student Council of College of Arts, Sciences and Education S.Y. 2011-2012 is an integral partner with the Holy Angel University community who together create a supportive environment resulting in high student achievement, safe and orderly school environments, and citizens who are contributing members of society.

College of Arts, Sciences and Education Student Council is a community of virtue in which caring, justice and fairness, respect, responsibility, trustworthiness, citizenship, and service learning are regularly expected, modeled, taught and celebrated as an integral part of the daily school operation.
In line with the Holy Angel University and College of Arts, Sciences and Education mission we the college student council of CASED adopts the following objectives which will cater the needs of student under CASED
  • to advance and promote university life
  • serve as an intermediary between students and college services by communicating all ideas, suggestions, proposals, initiatives, concerns, etc. that students may have and wish to share.
Our Mission The mission of School of Arts and Sciences & School of Education are:
  • to provide a voice for the students
  • to serve as a governing body for College of Arts & Sciences and Education
  • to provide activities for the College of Arts & Sciences and Education body that could develop their different skills and abilities;
  • to render community service;
  • to demonstrate leadership and the democratic decision making process.

CSC OFFICERS S.Y. 2016-2017

Chairman:  Sanchez, Eena Maria Camile N.
Vice-Chairman:  Viray, David Liriotte M.
  1. Baluyut, Ian Christopher N.
  2. Manalang, Eriel John M.
  3. Guzman, Nick Vincent D.
  4. Sicat, Ma. Joemagel C.
  5. Sarmiento, Jamierlan C.
  6. Bayani, Ira A.
  7. Agustin, Mary Alyson E.
  8. Dulinayan, Joffre Joel II C.