Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019

14Posting of sections
15Eid'l Fitr
18Classes begin (Grades 4 - 12)
18Blessing of classrooms and offices
19Classes begin (Nursery - Grade 3)
19 to 22Mass of the Holy Spirit
21Ninoy Aquino Day
23Recollection of BED parents
25Misa de apertura (8am) - selected students
2 to 6Grade Level Orientation
10Miting de Avance
9 to 13Career Forum for Grade 12
23 & 241st Mid-quarter Exam
25Nutrition Week
24 & 251st Quarter Examinations
27National Heroes Day
29 to 31Guidance Week
29Buwan ng Wika
7Flower Offering to Mama Mary
8Distribution of cards
24 & 252nd Mid-quarter Exam
1Launching of the Rosary Month
2Feast of the Guardian Angels
3School holiday (after the Feast of the Guardian Angels)
5World Teachers' Day
14La Naval Fiesta
15Feast of San Angelo (no classes)
18 & 19PAASCU visit
24 & 252nd Quarter Examinations
26Semestral Break/Faculty Retreat
26Apu Fiesta
1All Saints Day
2All Souls Day
5Classes resume
7Parade of Saints
12First day of classes in SHS
15SHS Recognition Day for the First Semester (AM)
15English Day Celebration (PM)
16English Day Celebration
17Distribution of cards
17SHS Recognition Day (1st sem)
19 to 23JHS Intrams
28 or 29Advent Recollection for employees
30Bonifacio Day
1JHS PTA Family Day (AM)
1SHS PTA Family Day (PM)
3 & 43rd Mid-quarter Exam
7Grade 3 First Communion
8Immaculate Conception
11Pampanga Day
17 to 19LES Sportsfest
19LES PTA Family Day (PM)
20BED Students' Christmas Party
22Start of Christmas break
25Christmas Day
30Rizal Day
1New Year's Day
7Classes resume
25 & 263rd Quarter Examinations
28 & 29Math and Science Days
30 to Feb 2University Days
9Distribution of cards
13 & 14Miting de Avance
25People Power Anniversary
274th Mid-quarter Exam
1Lenten Recollection for employees
6Ash Wednesday
7 & 8Final Exam (Grades 6, 10 & 12)
8Foundation Day
13 & 14Clubs and Organizations Culminating Activity
25Moving Up / Graduation Practice (Kinder and Grade 6)
26Moving Up Practice (Grade 10)
27 to 29Graduation Practice (Grade 12)
28 & 29Final Exam (N to Gr. 11)
3 & 4Graduation Masses
5Kinder 2 Moving Up Ceremony
5Grade 6 Moving Up Ceremony
8Grade 10 Moving Up Ceremony
10Grade 12 Graduation (Day 1)
11Grade 12 Graduation (Day 2)
12Grade 12 Graduation (Day 3)
12Last day of classes
15Distribution of cards
15Recognition Day (LES & JHS)
16Recognition Day (SHS)
18Maundy Thursday
19Good Friday
17Start of Summer Classes
1Labor Day
7Jose Abad Santos Day
17End of Summer classes

Note: The dates and times for scheduled events or activities on this page are subject to change and may be updated at any time. Changes will be posted once they become available.