Academic Calendar

SUMMER TERM SY 2016-2017
March 1 - 31Processing of Returnees
March 30 - 31Processing of Cross-Enrollees
March 27 - 28Summer Enrolment
March 29Summer Classes begin
April 3 AMGraduation Mass - LES
Graduation Rehearsal - LES
April 4Moving Up JH 1
JH 2
JH 3
April 5Moving Up (Kinder)
Graduation LES
April 9Bataan Day
April 13Maundy Thursday
April 14Good Friday
April 178AM Graduation Rehearsal CASED/CCJEF
1PM Graduation Rehearsal CBA 1
April 188AM Graduation Rehearsal CBA 2
1PM Graduation Rehearsal CBA 3
April 198AM Graduation Rehearsal CBA 4
1PM Graduation Rehearsal CEA
April 19Midterms
April 208AM Graduation Rehearsal CNAMS/CHM 1
1PM Graduation Rehearsal CHM 2
April 219AM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 1
11AM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 2
2PM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 3
330PM Graduation Rehearsal CICT
April 249AM Graduation SAS / CNAMS
April 259AM Graduation SBA 1
4PM Graduation SBA 2
April 269AM Graduation SBA 3
4PM Graduation SBA 4
April 279AM Graduation SEA 1
April 289AM Graduation CICT
May 1Labor Day
May 7Jose Abad Santos Day
May 12Finals
May 16Submission of Final Grades
May 2 - 31Processing of Returnees
May 2 - 31Processing of Shifters
May 2 - 31Processing of Transferees
May 2 - 31Processing of Applications for:
a. Overload
b. Simultaneous Enrolment of
c. Distributed Subject in lieu of
Phased-out subject
Pre-requisite & Advanced Subjects
d. Leave of Absence
May 18 - 27Enrolment - Upper Classmen
June 5Classes begin
June 12Independence Day
July 31 - August 5Midterms
September 14 - 15Issuance of Clearance for Graduation
October 2 - 7Finals
October 8La Naval
October 9Feast of San Angelo
October 16Submission of Final Grades
October 2 - 27Processing of Returnees
October 2 - 27Processing of Shifters
October 2 - 27Processing of Transferees
October 2 - 27Processing of Applications for
a. Overload
b. Simultaneous Enrolment of
Pre-requisite & Advanced Subjects
c. Distributed Subject in lieu of
Phased-out subject
d. Leave of Absence
October 18- October 25Enrolment
October 27Apu Fiesta
November 6Classes begin
November 14Graduation Rehearsal
November 15Graduation
November 30Bonifacio Day
December 8Immaculate Conception/Angeles City Day
December 18Christmas Vacation begins
January 3Classes resume
January 15 - 20Midterms
February 5 - 7Issuance of Graduation Clearance
March 8Founders Day
March 19 - 24Finals
March 29Maundy Thursday
March 30Good Friday
April 3Submission of Final Grades
SUMMER TERM SY 2017-2018
March 1 - 28Processing of Returnees
March 27 - 28Processing of Cross-Enrollees
April 2Moving Up (Kinder)
Moving Up (Grade 6)
April 3Moving Up (JH1)
Moving Up (JH2)
Moving Up (JH3)
April 4Summer Enrolment
April 4Graduation Rehearsal SH 1
Graduation Rehearsal SH 2
April 5Graduation Rehearsal SH 2
Graduation Rehearsal SH 3
April 6Graduation Rehearsal SH 5
Graduation Rehearsal SH 6
April 9Bataan Day
April 10Baccalaureate Mass SH Batch 1
Baccalaureate Mass SH Batch 2
April 11Graduation SH 1
Graduation SH 2
April 12Graduation SH 3
Graduation SH 4
April 13Graduation SH 5
Graduation SH 6
April 168AM Graduation Rehearsal SED/CCJEF
11AM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 1
1PM Graduation Rehearsal SAS/CNAMS
April 178AM Graduation Rehearsal SBA 1
11AM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 2
1PM Graduation Rehearsal SBA 2
April 188AM Graduation Rehearsal SBA 3
11AM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 3
1PM Graduation Rehearsal SBA 4
April 198AM Graduation Rehearsal SEA 1
11AM Baccalaureate Mass Batch 4
1PM Graduation Rehearsal SEA 2
April 209AM Graduation Rehearsal CHTM
11AM Graduation Rehearsal CICT
April 239AM Graduation SED/CCJEF
4PM Graduation SAS/CNAMS
April 249AM Graduation SBA 1
4PM Graduation SBA 2
April 259AM Graduation SBA 3
Graduation SBA 4
April 269AM Graduation SEA 1
4PM Graduation SEA 2
April 26Midterms
April 279AM Graduation CHTM
Graduation CICT
May 1Labor Day
May 7Jose Abad Santos Day
May 22Finals
May 24Submission of Final Grades

Note: The dates and times for scheduled events or activities on this page are subject to change and may be updated at any time. Changes will be posted once they become available.